Our Mission


Transforming people, changing lives.

Westminster is a community where people of all ages are transformed by God's love to serve and grow as disciples of Jesus.

To transform is to change in condition, nature or character. At Westminster, we long to see lives changed and impacted by the love of Christ. Whether you are a new believer or are mature in your faith, there is opportunity for transformation to be more like Christ and to live the life that God has in store for you. We all have room to grow.

How do we help foster transformation?
  • By coming together as a community to worship our Lord
  • By caring for one another with fellowship and compassion
  • By reaching out and being a light in the community - locally, nationally and internationally
  • By teaching, and learning, about God and how He impacts our lives and the world around us

For more information, check out our ministry pages. We hope you can get a glimpse of who we are as a body of Christ-followers and how we live our mission day-by-day.

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Westminster Presbyterian Church
8955 Columbia Ave
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